Dear all,
As the virus-delated restrictions, le Coq et la Rose are launching a help and adriceps system available to all, but particularly for those for whom French is a second language and who therefore might find existing help sources less easy to acces. 
We have 14 volunteers who offer their email and phone number as initial points of contact.
This system is not limited to virus-delated issues, although current circumstances certainly magnify one's needs for community and contact. We are not focusing on health more on general assistance and information. 
We would, of course, assist in making contact with relevant health professionals, perhaps helping find those who can communicate in a preferred language if needed. 
We are NOT professional helpers, but offer contact, support, and throught our networks, referrals to others who might be better placed to assist. Some of us have specific areas of experience. We encourage first contact with a geographically nearest volunteer or to select according to a lister specialism
Subjects both general or specific, we may continue this service beyond existing extraordinary circumstances to enhance the offerings of Le Coq et la Rose. We aim for this to be generally positive, sharing good experiences and useful information with our 200+ members and friends-confidentiality allowing.
Examples already encountered : worries over remote land and fire hazards, bee hive removal, shopping requests, where to find potager plants, post service assistance, access to movement restriction forms, local food delivery services...etc.
You will find the list of volunteers on the website. We will be delighted to hear from you.
No promises but we will do our best and hope this proves to be helpful  
With our best wishes !